Gabor Szabo Perl trainer and developer Gabor Szabo about programming in Perl, automated testing, dynamic languages and everyting else en-us Copyright 2002-2014, Gabor Szabo 1901-01-01T00:00+00:00 1 hourly To merge or not to merge? <p>For the full article visit <a href="">To merge or not to merge?</a></p> Gabor Szabo 2013-04-28T18:04:29+00:00 Perl, Perl 5, Perl 6 Announcing the Perl Maven Competition Do you know <a href="">Rails Rumble</a> or <a href="">Node Knockout</a>? They are both 48-hour long, on-line competitions, or hackathons if you wish for the respective communities. They build beautiful things during these competitions. It's time time that we, in the Perl community will have our own competition! Let me announce the <a href="">Perl Maven Competition</a> <p>For the full article visit <a href="">Announcing the Perl Maven Competition</a></p> Gabor Szabo 2012-09-27T08:18:04+00:00 Perl, Perl 6 The most popular Perl web sites <p>For the full article visit <a href="">The most popular Perl web sites</a></p> Gabor Szabo 2012-09-08T18:11:59+00:00 Perl, Perl 6 Looking for a stable language? <p>For the full article visit <a href="">Looking for a stable language?</a></p> Gabor Szabo 2012-07-18T21:25:45+00:00 Perl, Perl 6, Python, Ruby Writing an HTTP Server in Perl 6 <p>For the full article visit <a href="">Writing an HTTP Server in Perl 6</a></p> Gabor Szabo 2011-06-08T08:08:39+00:00 Perl, Perl 6, Rakudo, HTTP, screencast