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8.9. ssh using Net::SSH

Wrapping the external ssh command. Therefore working only in UNIX/Linux.
See also Net::SSH::Perl.

Example 8-7. examples/network/

use strict;
use warnings;

use Net::SSH qw(sshopen2);
use IO::File;
my $output = IO::File->new;
my $input  = IO::File->new;

sshopen2("localhost", $output, $input) or die $!;

print $input "set\n";
print $input "echo DONE\n";
print $input "who\n";
print $input "echo DONE\n";
print $input "date\n";
print $input "echo DONE\n";
print $input "cat README\n";
print $input "exit\n";

my @out = <$output>;

my $c=0;
my @section;
while (my $line = shift @out) {
    if ($line =~ /^DONE$/) {
    push @{$section[$c]}, $line;
foreach my $sect (@section) {
    print @$sect;
    print "--------------------\n";

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