According to quick poll only 13% of Perl developers use Windows

Last week I ran a poll where I asked What is the primary operating system you use for developing Perl applications?. Only 13% of the respondents picked some version of Windows while 16% selected Mac OSX. By far the majority of the answers (63%) were some flavor of Linux with the remaining 85 distributed among BSDs and various Unix systems.

I am quite sure that as my previous polls, this one also has a strong bias towards people in the community. Partially as I don't think there are so few Windows users but mainly due to the way I promoted the poll. When doing a more serious survey one will probably have to invest more energy in reaching people in the corporate world, have questions that will allow cross referencing and allow more time to answer the questions.

The poll was made partially in response to the Analyst: New developer demographics favor Linux, PHP.

Published on 2010-04-26 by Gabor Szabo