Gabor Szabo Perl trainer and developer Gabor Szabo about programming in Perl, automated testing, dynamic languages and everyting else en-us Copyright 2002-2017, Gabor Szabo 1901-01-01T00:00+00:00 1 hourly MetaCPAN vs <p>For the full article visit <a href="">MetaCPAN vs</a></p> Gabor Szabo 2017-03-21T07:31:03+00:00 CPAN, MetaCPAN Finding a job in HiTech I was not really expecting this, but several people who came to the <a href="">Open Source Evening</a> did so because they are trying to enter the hi-tech market or trying to find a better job in a slightly different field. <p>For the full article visit <a href="">Finding a job in HiTech</a></p> Gabor Szabo 2017-02-23T13:52:45+00:00 Jobs Comparing the Muslims today to the Jews before the Holocaust? Think again! I am quite tired of people comparing the treatment of Muslims and Muslim refugees to the Jews in the 30s and 40s last century. The majority of Muslims, and especially the majority of the refugees just want to live a normal life the same way the Jews wanted, but comparison is incorrect and dangerous. <p>For the full article visit <a href="">Comparing the Muslims today to the Jews before the Holocaust? Think again!</a></p> Gabor Szabo 2017-01-28T08:11:08+00:00 Politics László Szabó Chess Grandmaster - 100 years - 100 translations My father was born almost 100 years ago, on 19 March 1917. I miss him a lot. Unfortunately I cannot tell him how much I love him, but, with your help, I can help more people read about his life and his accomplishments as a Chess player. <p>For the full article visit <a href="">László Szabó Chess Grandmaster - 100 years - 100 translations</a></p> Gabor Szabo 2017-01-27T15:01:05+00:00 Chess, translation, Wikipedia Open Source Evenings in Modiin This is the description of the Open Source meetings in Modiin, Israel. For dates and to RSVP visit <a href="">our Meetup page</a> <p>For the full article visit <a href="">Open Source Evenings in Modiin</a></p> Gabor Szabo 2017-01-22T21:01:45+00:00 Perl, Python, JavaScript, Git, GitHub How to fight the assholes? <p>For the full article visit <a href="">How to fight the assholes?</a></p> Gabor Szabo 2017-01-08T09:06:25+00:00 social Learning while commuting While writing the rant yesterday about <a href="">free help and Karma</a> I was also thinking about the people in New York who need to commute 2 hours each way which eats up their time. Could that time be used for something that helps them? <p>For the full article visit <a href="">Learning while commuting</a></p> Gabor Szabo 2016-12-21T06:50:14+00:00 podcasts, learning, jobs, commuting Pay By Karma <p>For the full article visit <a href="">Pay By Karma</a></p> Gabor Szabo 2016-12-20T09:36:13+00:00 Internet, Free Quotes <p>For the full article visit <a href="">Quotes</a></p> Gabor Szabo 2016-12-03T13:20:48+00:00 Podcasts, Conferences, and Videos <p>For the full article visit <a href="">Podcasts, Conferences, and Videos</a></p> Gabor Szabo 2016-11-11T08:32:31+00:00 Podcasts, Open Source, Conferences, videos