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2020.07.28 Promoting LinkedIn pages
2020.07.10 LinkedIn Pages - by language or by topic?
2020.07.07 The Perl Foundation, the Perl Weekly, and marketing
2020.07.03 Why is marketing so hard for developers? - Feedback
2020.06.23 Success on YouTube
2011.12.29 The Power of referrals
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2010.05.16 Update on some open issues
2010.05.16 Apache Software Foundation
2010.05.14 Python Software Foundation
2010.05.10 The FreeBSD Foundation
2010.05.04 About the GNOME Foundation
2010.05.02 Business awareness of Perl developers
2010.04.23 Would you like to talk to Perl programmers or about Perl?
2010.04.21 Perl booth at LinuxTag Berlin between 9-12 June, 2010
2010.04.18 Events in May: Nordic Perl Workshop, LinuxWochen, BSDCan, GUUG-Frühjahrsfachgespräch
2010.03.31 The stake-holders in the Perl Ecosystem - who cares about Perl?
2010.03.22 Companies need more young enthusiastic Perl developers!
2010.03.19 Oh, I am happy to see Perl is still alive!
2010.02.13 FOSDEM report
2010.02.02 Showing Perl on non-Perl conferences, getting money from TPF for swag
2009.12.07 Perl stand at FOSDEM in Belgium
2009.08.31 Improving the Padre experience
2009.08.29 Improving the Moose experience
2009.08.12 Measurable objectives for the Perl ecosystem
2009.08.10 Marketing BOF at YAPC::EU 2009
2009.07.28 Who needs more marketing in the Perl world?
2009.07.26 Is it really hard to find good Perl programmers?
2009.07.25 Perception is Reality - we need a director of marketing
2009.06.13 Comparing the Eclipse Foundation with The Perl Foundation and EPO
1970.01.01 Marketing and Sales funnel