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2021.08.15 Rescuing an application written in Perl from total meltdown
2021.08.13 Future-proofing an in-house application
2020.11.10 I need to create a simple and stupid game for myself
2012.04.02 Perl Test Automation Training in Madison, Wisconsin and in Kiev, Ukraine
2011.11.03 Testing a simple Perl module (r)
2011.10.08 Perl Testing training class at the London Perl Workshop
2011.07.04 Perl Classes in Riga around YAPC
2011.06.22 The selfish CPAN Tester
2011.03.01 Volunteer to an Open Source project with little or no programming background
2010.10.02 Restarting time?
2010.02.01 Test Automation using Perl classes
2009.09.13 What is Perl used for?
2009.07.16 Why am I writing Padre? - The business aspect
2009.07.01 Test Reporting system: Smolder wish-list
2009.06.22 When is the next release of Perl?
2009.06.15 Introduction to PHPUnit
2009.06.08 Plans for the next 2-3 months
2009.04.08 Reporting Test Results
2009.03.25 Testing a (Perl) Web application without a lot of setup
2009.03.15 Testing PHP Applications
2009.03.11 Testing PHP code with SimpleTest
2009.02.08 Shimming for testing Perl 6 code released to CPAN
2009.01.21 Mocking real world to test a wrapper
2009.01.18 Test Automation Training in Oslo, Norway
2009.01.13 Test Automation using Perl Training in Frankfurt, Germany
2009.01.01 New Year's Resolutions 2009
2008.11.26 How many test harnesses are too many?
2008.10.15 Shana Tova - New Year's resolution
2008.09.02 TAP - Test Anything Protocol
2008.07.09 QA Hackathon in Israel
2008.06.09 Testing Hello World
2008.06.07 CPANTS update
2008.05.23 Test Automation Tips
2008.05.13 Test automation using Perl master class in Chicago
2008.05.09 Automated Testing in PHP, Python, Ruby and Perl
2008.04.03 Strawberry Perl for Windows
2008.04.01 Oslo Hackathon day -4
2008.03.26 Preparing for the QA Hackathon in Oslo
2007.08.25 Testing PostgresSQL
2007.08.25 Testing Pugs and Perl 6
2007.08.22 Testing Ruby
2007.08.22 Testing GHC, the Glasgow Haskell Compiler
2007.08.22 Testing NUT, the Network UPS Tools
2007.08.21 Testing SQLite (r)
2007.08.20 Smoked Parrot
2007.08.20 Quality Assurance of Perl 5
2007.07.07 Quality Assurance and Automated Testing in Open Source Software (r)
2007.04.13 Testing results, Perl and CPAN module availability
2006.07.19 QA Test Automation using Perl and integration with other languages
2006.07.19 Test Automation Tips
2006.07.19 Test Automation