Kick starting Test Automation using Perl

In addition to the Perl in Test Automation training class I am also offering consulting service setting up a test automation environment:

Kick-starting test automation

Often the training alone will leave you with people who already know what should be done but because of the lack of experience it will take them a long time to setup and streamline the testing environment.
In addition four days of training is hard on the students.
It might be better for your organization to spread out the training to 8 days - 4 hours a day - in a period of two weeks and use the rest of the time to setup the testing environment and help the students to start writing their own tests.
While the details can be customized it would normally work like this:

  • Day 1: Gabor meeting with several of the students and their managers to analyze the exact needs of the company. Setting up the framework for writing tests.
  • Day 2-5: 4 hours training in the morning, pair-development in the afternoon one student+Gabor (one hour per student).
  • Weekend
  • Day 6-9: 4 hours training in the morning, pair-development in the afternoon.
  • Day 10: pair-development and design of further work plans for the developers.

During the non-training time Gabor will help setting up the testing environment both centrally and for the individual developers. He will also help designing the test framework and help writing tests.