Subversion vs. XYZ

How does Subversion compare to XYZ Version Control System?

Subversion is a hot topic in the field of Configuration Management. Since its first official stable release it took the Open Source market by storm and based on the traffic on the SVN Users mailing list many commercial companies have also moved their version control to it.
As usual, people want to compare Subversion with other version control tools. On this page, I am going to collect links to articles and discussions on these issues, grouped by the various other CM tools.


Subversion vs ClearCase

Subversion vs CVS

Subversion vs StarTeam

Subversion vs. Perforce

Subversion vs. PVCS

Subversion vs Visual SourceSafe (VSS)

Subversion vs. Microsoft Team Foundation

Subversion vs. GIT


Migration Tools

StarTeam to Subversion

ClearCase to Subversion

PVCS to Subversion

Perforce to Subversion

CVS to Subversion


Published on 2009-09-18 by Gabor Szabo