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Weekend vs Weekday visits of Perl-related sites

I was always fascinated by the huge difference between the number of visits the Perl Maven site gets on a weekday and a weekend day. On a regular weekday there are about 3 times more visits than on a regular week-end day.

So today I compared those number provided by Google analytics for a number of Perl-related sites:

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Code Maven

For a long time I wanted to extend the Perl Maven site to include articles about other subject as well, but I think publishing articles about Python, Ruby or even JavaScirpt on a site called Perl-something would be strange.

Finally I reached the conclusion that I should use the domain I bought for some other purposes, but that would be perfect for this.

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2014 in Numbers

Before really planning for 2015, it is worth to look back at 2014.

    Web site traffic in
    Site                        November 2013        November 2014    Change       117,987               246,833          +109%
                                 86,703               179,870          +107%
                                 61,859               114,975           +85%          80,439                61,147
                                 24,018                19,828
                                 19,878                16,717
        32,333                30,075
                                 12,593                12,606
                                 10,600                10,587         11,690                11,465
                                  8,260                 8,195
                                  7,037                 7,503           10,715                 1,032
                                  7,835                   703
                                  5,686                   549           8,209                 3,372
                                  5,239                 2,629
                                  4,314                 2,324        3,667                 3,367
                                  1,988                 1,819
                                  1,274                 1,257        1,582                 2,473
                                    584                   929
                                    461                   798              0                 9,186
                                                        2,391            0                   180
    Total (pageviews)           266,629               369,130      +38%

Among these the change in the PerlTV is basically random. It has a lot of visitors when I post new entries which apparently happend in November 2013 and has very few visitors when I don't actively promote it.

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LinkedIN - why is it useful to me?

LinkedIN has been around for quite some time, and I have been recommending it from quite the beginning. I have told why I use it to many people personally, but apparently never wrote it down.

When I recommend it in my training classes there are still many people who don't use it and who don't understand why would they need it. Then others come to my aid and "explain": "LinkedIN is the Facebook for job finding". At first I found this description trying to diminish the value of LinkedIN, but in the end it is a reasonable short description.

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Business Models for Open Source Content

There are lot of blogs out there explaining how to make money with your blog or talking about content marketing, but now that I am trying to turn the Perl Maven site and some of my other on-line assets into a reasonable and sustainable revenue source, I found it important to look at a few actual sites and try to analyze how do they make money.

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