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Contract work vs Startup life

How do you finance your start-up or your business?

How do you switch from consulting or contract work where generally you sell your time, to a business where you build a product or an on-lines service and make money off that?

I have been lucky recently that I had a lot of contract work. This means I get some immediate income, but it also occupies me. Almost fully. Which means I only have a few hours in the evening or maybe on the weekends to work on other tasks. Including my business.

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YAPC::NA 2016 report

After 3 years break I sort-of attended YAPC::NA 2016.

I was there in the hotel, I gave a talk, ran a tutorial, and even managed to meet some of the nice people, but my family came along and thus I had to make the hard decision whether to attend the talks or to go to Universal Studios, to Sea World, and to the Kennedy Space Center.

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Technology, Quality Management, Short Stories, History, and other Podcasts

When commuting to work or when I walk-instead-of-real-sport, I have plenty of time to listen to stuff. In the recent years I have been using an app called Podcast Addict on Android to download and listing to podcasts. I like it a lot and as far understand it is developed and maintained by a single person Xavier Guillemane so I've upgraded to the paid version to support him.

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Why am I blogging?

Now that I have more time again to focus on blogging and my own coding I was thinking quite a lot about why am I really blogging? I had a long period when I was trying to rally the Perl community to invest more energy in promoting what we do. I managed fairly well getting some people to come to FOSDEM, T-Dose and a number of other events.

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YouTube Channel at 1,000 subscribers

On 13 July 2015, I reported that my YouTube channel had more than 100,000 views.

It seems as if it was yesterday, but in fact it was almost a year ago.

Today the number of subscribers reached 1,000. Another reason to celebrate.

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