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Perl Maven under 100,000 and above 200,000

Sounds contradicting?

I am just celebrating a bit.

A few days ago Google Analytics reported that the Perl Maven site started to go over the 200,000 visits/month limit, and two days ago Alexa stared to place the site within the 100,000 most frequently visited sites.

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Perl Maven - November 2014

In November I continued to write lots of Perl Maven articles. 17 in number. The visitor count was slightly down even though most of the days it was higher than in the previous month.

Both the number of registrations to the free newsletter and the number of paying subscribers grew quite nicely.

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Missing Perl projects

I am subscribed to Open newsletter. The other day, in their message there were two articles included I wanted to put in my public bookmarking.

Unfortunately I don't have a public bookmark system.

So I kept the e-mail around till I write one. I've already looked at this e-mail 3 or 4 times, and every time I had the urge to start writing this application I want so much. This web application that would allow me to write my blog entries. That would allow me to have both public and private bookmarks. Something where I could post both long articles, and short, even Tweatable, statuses that could the automatically be posted on my Twitter or Facebook account.

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Perl Maven - October 2014

After a month of school, in October Rosh HaShana arrived and with it lot of vacation days. This, of course had an impact on my productivity. So it was a bit surprising to see that I managed to publish 21 articles, many with screencasts. It was the second busiest month since I launched the the Perl Maven site.

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Stats of 7 Perl-related web sites

Once in a while I share some stats of some of the Perl-related web sites. For example at the beginning of 2014 I wrote about the popularity of Perl bases on some numbers from 2013.

This time I just share the numbers as appear in Google Analytics for a number of sites where I have access to this data.

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