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I am subscribed to Open newsletter. The other day, in their message there were two articles included I wanted to put in my public bookmarking.

Unfortunately I don't have a public bookmark system.

So I kept the e-mail around till I write one. I've already looked at this e-mail 3 or 4 times, and every time I had the urge to start writing this application I want so much. This web application that would allow me to write my blog entries. That would allow me to have both public and private bookmarks. Something where I could post both long articles, and short, even Tweatable, statuses that could the automatically be posted on my Twitter or Facebook account.

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Perl Maven - October 2014

After a month of school, in October Rosh HaShana arrived and with it lot of vacation days. This, of course had an impact on my productivity. So it was a bit surprising to see that I managed to publish 21 articles, many with screencasts. It was the second busiest month since I launched the the Perl Maven site.

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Stats of 7 Perl-related web sites

Once in a while I share some stats of some of the Perl-related web sites. For example at the beginning of 2014 I wrote about the popularity of Perl bases on some numbers from 2013.

This time I just share the numbers as appear in Google Analytics for a number of sites where I have access to this data.

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Perl Maven - September 2014

With September the new school-year has started which gave me more time to write articles and to record screencasts. This extra free time (to work :), show in much better productivitiy. Albeit I am still frustrated on days when I feel I did not make enough progress.

As I can see I published 18 new Perl Maven posts and managed to some other stuff.

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Perl Maven - August 2014

August stared way too busy updating the Test Automation using Perl slides and then I spent almost 2 weeks traveling. It did not leave much time for the Perl Maven site and for other things.

Perl Maven Pro

I only published 3 Pro articles and none of them had the accompanying video. Two were about logging with Log::Log4perl, and one was in the testing series.

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