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Improve your chances of survival at Job Interviews and Public Speaking

Each one of us needs to talk about our work at one point or another in our career.

If no other time, then when we apply for a new job.

How can you be better at that?

Job Interviews

One of the common questions in job interviews for some kind of Software developer position is asking the candidates about their most recent or most interesting software project.

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Confession of a Public Speaker

A couple of years ago I bought the book Confessions of a Public Speaker by Scott Berkun. I liked it very much.

Recently I bumped into this YouTube video where Scott Berkun talks about Public speaking.

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Perl Weekly - The first 5 years

On 1st August 2011, exactly 5 years ago, the first edition of the Perl Weekly newsletter was published. Since then we have published 6,676 articles by 248 authors in 262 issues. The number of subscribers grew to 6,196. The number of Twitter followers is 2,072.

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YouTube Channel at 200,000 views

Almost exactly a year ago, on 13 July 2015 I've celebrated the 100,000 views on my YouTube channel. Then on 9 May 2016 it has passed the 1,000 subscribers.

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Contract work vs Startup life

How do you finance your start-up or your business?

How do you switch from consulting or contract work where generally you sell your time, to a business where you build a product or an on-lines service and make money off that?

I have been lucky recently that I had a lot of contract work. This means I get some immediate income, but it also occupies me. Almost fully. Which means I only have a few hours in the evening or maybe on the weekends to work on other tasks. Including my business.

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