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Perl Maven - August 2014

August stared way too busy updating the Test Automation using Perl slides and then I spent almost 2 weeks traveling. It did not leave much time for the Perl Maven site and for other things.

Perl Maven Pro

I only published 3 Pro articles and none of them had the accompanying video. Two were about logging with Log::Log4perl, and one was in the testing series.

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The anti-Israeli rhetoric

In the recent month I spent way too much time of Facebook/Google+/Twitter mostly trying to fend-off anti-Israeli posts. In this recent Twitter exchange it was very clear how someone while saying intellectually sound sentences can quickly blame Israel.

Me: Do you actually care about the Palestinian children in Gaza? Here is something you can do to help them:

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Perl Maven - July 2014

July started out as a productive month, but I was also on vacation with my family. As in July I am running a course in Germany, I had to update my Test Automation using Perl slides. The war with Hamas, and the stuff that came through the news and the social media was also very disturbing. To say the least. In the end I published less Perl Maven videos than I expected.

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Catalyst vs Dancer vs Mojolicious on Stack Overflow

I am not exactly sure why did I look at these numbers, or what would they mean, but here they are:

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Bad error messages

I just had this encounter:

  $ curl  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' ' https://....'
  curl: (1) Protocol  https not supported or disabled in libcurl

WTF, it worked yesterday?

Please. Put quotes around the values you print in error messages and warnings. This message would have been so much clearer:

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