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Perl Maven - June 2014

A month ago the Perl Maven Pro subscription was one year old. I outlined some plans back then but unfortunately I could not fully implement them last month.

I managed to publish only 5 articles on the Perl Maven site. 3 of them were for the Pro subscribers.

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One year of Perl Maven Pro

A year ago, on 27 May 2013, in an e-mail to the subscribers of the free Perl Maven newsletter, I've announced the creation of the Perl Maven Pro, subscription service. A few days later, on 1 June 2013 I have published the first article for the subscribers.

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Thunderclap and the buzz for Perl

Recently Dean Hamstead pointed me to Thunderclap. It let's you support specific messages to create a "buzz".

The idea is that person A can create a short message (something that would fit in a Tweet), then lots of other people can "support" it by approving Thunderclap to send that specific message on the pre-set target name on behalf of the supporting people.

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GitTip and the Perl Community

GitTip is a site providing "sustainable crowdfunding". The idea is that instead of a one-time sum people give very modest contribution but on a regular, weekly base.

At first I was a bit suspicious about the whole idea, but on the other hand for a long time I have been looking for something like this.

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Fixing CPAN links on Stack Overflow

If you look at StackOverflow, you might notice that many links lead to version-specific pages on Some of them are already broken, others will be broken soon, once the module author decides to remove that version from CPAN.

This is quite unfortunate, but it is easy to fix. After all the pages on Stack Overflow are editable.

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