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YouTube Channel at 1,000 subscribers

On 13 July 2015, I reported that my YouTube channel had more than 100,000 views.

It seems as if it was yesterday, but in fact it was almost a year ago.

Today the number of subscribers reached 1,000. Another reason to celebrate.

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thanks (NOT spam)

a few days ago I've received an e-mail from an obfuscated e-mail address. It was strange, but nice.

Subject: thanks (NOT spam)


You don't know me, but I have a bit to thank you for. That being said, your face (on PerlMaven) reminds me of very hard times - writing my Master Thesis.

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Switching Gears? Changing direction?

I have been struggling with what I am doing for quite some time.

I keep seeing the evidence that the user-base of Perl is shrinking. While you can't see from these numbers, but the Perl Maven has not gaing more readers since February 2015.

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2015 in Numbers

I did not have a detailed plan for 2015, I just wanted to write a lot more articles than in 2014 to reach 1,000,000 pageviews by November 2015

This page was going to serve me as a way to follow my progress.

Specifically, I planed to publish at least one technical article on every day. That means articles on Perl Maven, Perl 6 Maven, Code Maven, Tracert.

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The Popularity of Perl in 2015

A year ago I've published an article called The Popularity of Perl in 2014

It contained a list of sites with their Alexa ranking and a few site with information from their Google Analytics.

This is an updated version of that report for January 2015.

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