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Source of visitors of Perl-related sites

In case you are intereste where do the visitors of some of the biggest Perl-related sites come from in percentage of all the visits. The last column shows the total number of visits in the last month. All the data based on Google Analytics.

     in %
  Organic Search     80.17             91.84              34.67          62.67
  Referral            9.23              2.28              44.33           9.88
  Direct              7.69              4.57              11.65          17.17
  Social              2.91              1.27               9.35           9.61
  (Other)             0                 0.04               0.01           0.67
  Visits:           638,385            246,602          191,327        50,339

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Pro or Not Pro?

This is the second part of my slow personal progress.

All the time while I was writing the Perl Maven site I had the question of income.

Building the Perl Maven site took me a lot of time. Probably way more than it would have taken for a better author, but at the time I write this, the Perl Maven site is by far the most visited Perl-related blog. So there are some results even if not everyone likes it. (TIMTOWTDI). Unfortunately this does not provide me with enough income to cover the time and energy I put in it. In other words, I could have earned a lot more if I went to do contract work instead of building the Perl Maven site.

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Slow personal progress

I am still surprised how powerful inertia really is in personal development. Or whatever this is.

Separating Perl Maven

It took me quite some time till I figured out I have to separate the technical Perl content of this site from the general content like this post, and moved the technical content to the Perl Maven site. Even that separation was not smooth. At one point I had 3 separate site, one for Perl 5 Maven, one for a Perl Maven competition that never materialized, and Perl 6 Maven. Then I merged the first two which resulted in quite some traffic loss.

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Weekend vs Weekday visits of Perl-related sites

I was always fascinated by the huge difference between the number of visits the Perl Maven site gets on a weekday and a weekend day. On a regular weekday there are about 3 times more visits than on a regular week-end day.

So today I compared those number provided by Google analytics for a number of Perl-related sites:

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Code Maven

For a long time I wanted to extend the Perl Maven site to include articles about other subject as well, but I think publishing articles about Python, Ruby or even JavaScirpt on a site called Perl-something would be strange.

Finally I reached the conclusion that I should use the domain I bought for some other purposes, but that would be perfect for this.

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