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Fixing CPAN links on Stack Overflow

If you look at StackOverflow, you might notice that many links lead to version-specific pages on Some of them are already broken, others will be broken soon, once the module author decides to remove that version from CPAN.

This is quite unfortunate, but it is easy to fix. After all the pages on Stack Overflow are editable.

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How did PHP and Python take over such a huge market-share of Perl?

Once in a while someone comes up with a Perl is .... post, and there are always people who point out why their measurement is flawed and how everything is perfect. Yet there are people with mid-career crisis and then others who tell me this was a wake-up call for them and they start learning a more marketable language.

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Perl event organizer kit

While I am not part of any official Perl organization, I have some experience with the Perl community, and with organizing events.

So I put together this 'kit'. Some of this might help you. It is mostly about promoting the event, but in the end there is also an idea for enhancing the event while getting some funding.

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Open Source Developers Club in Modiin, Israel

I was dragging my feet for a long time with this, but since the Modiin HUB has opened its gates I have no more excuses.

They were kind enough to host our first meeting, and let me start to organize regular meetings in the Modiin HUB.

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The Future of Perl (was Python)

I just watched the excellent keynote of Jessica McKellar at Kiwi PyCon 2013 titled The Future of Python - A Choose Your Own Adventure It is 35 min long.

The key points were:

  • Windows
  • Games
  • Mobile
  • Science

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