The most popular Perl web sites

Have you ever wondered which Perl-related sites have the biggest audience?

I checked it now.

Made a couple of groups. The number on the right is the rangking of the specific web site among all the web sites in the world.

Community web sites 9,565 15,791 19,809 208,445 261,963 360,552

Perl based products 125,048 156,991 171,248 353,844 378,081 396,906

Web frameworks 446,593 546,849 2,733,381

Perl 6 related sites 878,605 1,140,686 1,238,252 1,721,581

Personal 187,126 562,587 610,988 763,238 878,605 1,209,793

The source

It is not an absolute measurement, but Alexa provides some interesting data on web sites. Specifically it provides some estimates on the traffic each site receives.

For most of the domains, Alexa has no listing for the separate sub-domains. So there is no separate ranking of and, but within the Alexa listing you can usually see how the visitors are divided between the subdomains.

The sites of and are exceptions. For these sites Alexa understands that each subdomain is a stand-alone site and can provide the traffic data separately.

The future

This is not the first time I have collected these numbers and not the last. I am going to check these numbers every month and update the listing.