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How to fight the assholes?

Recently I saw the article of VM Brasseur No, I will not "lighten up" and posted in on Reddit.

The immediate reaction was ranging between plain stupid to straight out misogynist.

Frankly I don't know how to fight these assholes. I keep swinging between "calling them out" as VM did, to disregarding them "not to feed the troll".

I guess, instead of continuing this rant, let me just try to build more things that will empower women, minorities and people who are being attacked in general.

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Learning while commuting

While writing the rant yesterday about free help and Karma I was also thinking about the people in New York who need to commute 2 hours each way which eats up their time.

Could that time be used for something that helps them?

Of course it is not restricted to people in New York. There are plenty of places in the world where people commute and hour or more each way to work. Some of them do that in their own private cars, other in public transportation.

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Pay By Karma

At least once a day some ask me for free help. They usually send me an e-mail telling me the "found me on the Internet", in many cases the call me "Sir", but the fact remains the same, they ask me for free help.

They don't offer anything in return. Not money, not public recognition, and sometime not even a "thank you".

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Just some random quotes taken from the book "Állítsátok meg a világot! Ki akarok szállni. / Stop the World! I Want to Get Off" by Salamon Gábor and Zalotay Melinda.

"Stop the World! I Want to Get Off" ~ Graffiti

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Podcasts, Conferences, and Videos

A few days ago I wrote about my new projects collecting data about conferences and podcasts. Since then I made some progress, but I need to make some further plans.

Just thinking aloud.

The problem is big, though it does not seem to be very sophisticated.

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