Gábor Szabó - Teaching Rust, Python, Git, and Docker

Hi, I help people create more value sooner by developing software faster and at a lower bug-rate.

I do this by teaching programming in Rust and Python. In addition to the programming part I am also teaching testing in Python with pytest, version control with Git (+ using GitHub, GitLab) and containerization using Docker.

My courses contain a lot of hands-on exercises and a lot of interaction with each individual student. Every participant receives lifetime access to all the slides of the course and, all the exercises, and all the solutions for the exercises.

Gabor Szabo

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Corporate training

A selected list of all my corporate training courses.

In addition to the fixed-content courses many clients prefer to have a course customized for the specific needs of the organization. If you'd like to discuss how any of these course could be customized or even extended to your specific needs, get in contact with me:

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Higher Education

I also teach at selected higher education institutions such as the Weizmann Institute of Science. There are two courses that were created especially higher education institutions in mind:

  • Python programming bootcamp for science students
  • Open Source Development Course covering topics such as git, GitHub, Docker, testing, GitHub Actions

To read more about them visit the page on courses at higher education institutions.

What do clients say about me?

Shuly Avraham

Shuly Avraham, Scientific Computing at HaZera.
Many thanks, Gabor. It has been a very enriching and enlightening course. I learnt a lot, from new things to strengthening my prior knowledge. The subjects learnt are very important to every programmer, whether an open source developer or not. Your patience is very appreciated as well as your honest will to make your students truly dive into practice. I will definitely recommend your courses and meetups, and attend them when I can.

Iddo Berger

Iddo Berger, Organizer at PyDataI Israel, VP R&D at Bioz.
I've known Gabor from his previous presentations in the PyWeb-IL Meetup Group and at PyConIL and invited him to run a one-day training course about testing in Python. The participants, including myself, enjoyed the class and started to implement the material we learned right away.

Egga Hartung

Egga Hartung, Software Craft Champion
The training was more than worth it! Excellent progress in creating test suites, great coverage of facettes in testing automation, gorgeous exercises!

Ofer Chen

Ofer Chen, DevOps Engineer.
Gabor provided a training course to my operations team at Intel. Gabor was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about both the language he taught and the environment we needed to use it. The course helped us a lot understanding and enhancing the existing scripts, and even to create new automated tools.

Roi Avraham

Roi Avraham, Senior scientist at Weizmann Institute
I've heard about the Python courses Gabor ran in the Weizmann Institute of Science earlier and invited him to run the Programming Skills bootcamp for the graduate students in the institute in fall 2018. Gabor and the bootcamp got very good feedback from the students and we have invited him to run the same bootcamp again in the fall of 2019.

Free Online Video Courses

Earlier recordings of many of my courses are also available on-line, free of charge. Some of the course are fully available, in other cases only some of the videos are listed. All the pages are hosted on the Code Maven web site.

Open Source Contribution

I believe that a good trainer also needs to have a lot of hands-on experience. Hence I work on a lot of Open Source projects. You can see examples of my work on GitHub. GitHub

I organize presentations and workshops (sometime in English, sometimes in Hebrew) through the Code Mavens Meetup group. Here is a more extensive page about me and a formal CV.

You are welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn LinkedIn.

How I am different?

Real world experience

Besides providing training sometimes I provide consulting services at companies. This gives me the opportunity to see the real problems developers face at work. This gives me the insight that helps me improve my course material.

Open Source Contributions

I develop a number of my own open source projects and contribute to many other projects. This provides me the opportunity to learn new techniques that I can incorporate in my teaching material.

Learning by doing

The best way to learn something is by doing and getting fast feedback. That's why in my classes we have lots of hands-on assignments. Not only will the participants get some practice and gain experience they will also feel success which is critical for their learning.

Fast feedback loop

One of the hardest things to come by as a solo learner is to receiving timely feedback for the work you have done. The shorter the feedback loop the more iterations the students can do and the faster they learn.

That's why in my classes I make sure to provide feedback on the results of the assignments and suggest ways the participants can further improve their solutions.

Teaching languages

I provide training courses in English, Hebrew, and Hungarian.

Get started now!

Would you like me to train the developers or the qa engineers in your company? Let's talk about it! Send me an e-mail to gabor@szabgab.com to schedule a call or to get more information via e-mail.

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