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Just some random quotes taken from the book "Állítsátok meg a világot! Ki akarok szállni. / Stop the World! I Want to Get Off" by Salamon Gábor and Zalotay Melinda.

"Stop the World! I Want to Get Off" ~ Graffiti

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Podcasts, Conferences, and Videos

A few days ago I wrote about my new projects collecting data about conferences and podcasts. Since then I made some progress, but I need to make some further plans.

Just thinking aloud.

The problem is big, though it does not seem to be very sophisticated.

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Podcasts and conferences

Originally the plan was to create some kind of a database where it would be easy for me to check if a given person was on any of the podcasts.

I also wanted to make it easy to look-up the list of recorded presentations of that person.

That could turn into something similar to the PerlTV just more popular. I found there is a site called PyVideo that is quite similar to the PerlTV just for Python. I have not found other similar sites.

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Improve your chances of survival at Job Interviews and Public Speaking

Each one of us needs to talk about our work at one point or another in our career.

If no other time, then when we apply for a new job.

How can you be better at that?

Job Interviews

One of the common questions in job interviews for some kind of Software developer position is asking the candidates about their most recent or most interesting software project.

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Confession of a Public Speaker

A couple of years ago I bought the book Confessions of a Public Speaker by Scott Berkun. I liked it very much.

Recently I bumped into this YouTube video where Scott Berkun talks about Public speaking.

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