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The phases of a crowdfunding campaign: launching

I am running a crowdfunding campaign to finance the writing of my book: Web Application Development in Perl 6

In this article I'll try to follow what's going on in the campaign and in my mind.

Before launching the campaign I spent about two month agonizing over the question whether I should do it or not. Will there be enough people interested or is this just a waste of my time an energy. Can a book about Web development in Perl 6 generate enough interest to bring me the support? Are there going to be enough people who will want to buy the book up-front?

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Craft Conf 2017 retrospective

This was my first Craft Conference, but if the position of the stars will let me, I plan to attend next year as well.

I've attended plenty of great talks. Met a lot of new and very interesting people. Had plenty of food. (Too much, if you ask my wife.) And had a nice hike at the end. With more cakes.

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Blog engine in Perl 6

In order for Perl 6 to succeed, it need books and it needs applications to be written in it.

I have some experience building web applications in Perl 6. For example, the Perl 6 Maven runs on a simple blog engine I wrote a couple of years ago in Perl 6.

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Programming language popularity - Stack Overflow

There are many ways to compare the popularity of programming languages. None of them is perfect.

Let's look at one of those imperfect comparisions: Tags on StackOverflow

That page shows the number of questions asked marked with the specific tags.

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Traffic origins of

A while ago I expressed my hopes that people would indicating Google that the prefferred source of Perl Module documentation is MetaCPAN, and then compared the stats MetaCPAN vs

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