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New Year's Resolutions

New Year's resolutions sometimes include retrospectives, some kind of a reflection on past achievement, but primarily they are focus on what one wish to achieve in the coming year.

They also usually fail.

Here you can find a bunch of links to New Year's Resolutions that were tweeted by Patrick Kua and collected by yours truly.

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The Popularity of Perl in 2018 February

More than 2 year ago I've published an article called The Popularity of Perl in 2015

It contained a list of sites with their Alexa ranking and a few sites with information from their Google Analytics.

This is an updated version of that report for February 2018.

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9 articles on Personal Retrospective

Restrospectives are a key tool in Agile practices. They enable your team to see what went well, what went bad. What could be strengthened and what should be avoided. Personal retrospectives can help you look back, evaluate your past year or so and then plan for the next one.

Patrick Kua has tweeted a few links that are worth checking out. I have collected them here for our convenience. Added some of my thoughts and some additional links.

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People at Tech conferences: Hikes and Nature

People over Tools.

Tech conferences are great to listen to presentations and to mingle with fellow engineers, but usually they don't provide a good place to really get to know each others. Attendees, and especially the speakers have little time to talk to each individual.

Having a much more relaxed environment can have a substantial impact on communication that can lead to cooperation.

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Code Maven Workshops


On Sunday, 28th January 2018 Mob programming in the Yuda Youth Center in Modiin.

On Tuesday, 13th February 2018 Mocking in Python as a testing tool - Workshop in the Google Campus in Tel Aviv.

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