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Perl Dancer eBook Crowdfunding campaign

Two days ago I've launched a crowdfunding campaign to write a book called Single Page Application with Perl Dancer.

I've taught this subject several times so I already have a large chunck of the material as slides. I "just" need to convert it into a book. Nevertheless I will only do this work if there is some interest in it. Hence the crowdfunding campaign.

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Bailador 0.0.12 released and the Bailador Book is progressing

August was a bit slow, but Martin Barth has released Bailador version 0.0.11 on 2017.08.26 and version 0.0.12 on 2017.09.09. Development speed seems to be picking up again now that the summer has ended and kids are busy with school.

The changes of 0.0.12 2017.09.09

  • Added logging to StaticRoute, if a requested file was not found
  • Class attribute in Routes with Controllers are no longer of type Str but a class type
  • Gradual serving now creates the sitemap.xml on the fly.
  • Examples have been reorganized and some more tests were added.
  • Require classes in controllers if they're not loaded
  • Convert Failure to Exception - error handling for missing controller classes
  • Log if template or layouts were not found and avoid "internal server errors".

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Developer Weekly newsletter

I am starting a new weekly newsletter called Developer Weekly.

There are over 100 "Engineering blogs" or "Developers blogs" published by major tech companies such as LinkedIN, Etsy, Netflix, Google. Just to name a few. Recently I have started to read them and there were quite a few interesting articles.

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Why am I writing the Bailador Book?

I've been working on the Bailador book and the Crowdfunding campaign for more than 3 months now. About 2 of them publicly. The campaign ends in a week and the book already has 68 pages.

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Extending the Bailador crowdfunding campaign by another month

I have been contemplating the idea for quite some time, but finally I've decided to extend the Bailador crowdfunding campaign by another month.

Partially because I think as long as the campaign runs I'll have more interest and energy promoting Bailador and the book itself. So this gives me another month doing so. (And Indiegogo allows a one-time extenstion up to 60 days total campaign length.)

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