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Why am I writing the Bailador Book?

I've been working on the Bailador book and the Crowdfunding campaign for more than 3 months now. About 2 of them publicly. The campaign ends in a week and the book already has 68 pages.

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Extending the Bailador crowdfunding campaign by another month

I have been contemplating the idea for quite some time, but finally I've decided to extend the Bailador crowdfunding campaign by another month.

Partially because I think as long as the campaign runs I'll have more interest and energy promoting Bailador and the book itself. So this gives me another month doing so. (And Indiegogo allows a one-time extenstion up to 60 days total campaign length.)

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Less than 24 hours in the Bailador campaign

Finally I had some time to work on the Bailador book and made the following changes:

  • Added first section of the Ajax code in Chapter 7.
  • Added first section about using SQLite in Chapter 3.
  • Added instructions to use Vagrant with Ubuntu in Chapter 1.

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Batteries included - the biggest impact on programming language popularity

In business, and especially in real estate it is said that the most important thing is Location, Location, Location.

As the popularity of JavaScript shows this is also true in programming languages though I think the biggest impact on the popularity of a programming language is how easy it is to get things done in it which is directly impacted by the batteries included.

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Bailador Crowdfunding campaign by country - first 100 contributors

So far a 100 people have backed the Bailador crowdfunding campaign. Here is the breakdown of the number of supporters by country:

  Country        Contributions
  United States       35
  Canada              11
  Germany              8
  Israel               8
  United Kingdom       7
  Australia            4
  Austria              4
  France               3
  Spain                3
  Netherlands          2
  Denmark              2
  Iceland              2
  Sweden               2
  Finland              1
  India                1
  Norway               1
  Portugal             1
  Ireland              1
  Russian Federation   1
  Indonesia            1
  Greece               1
  Switzerland          1
  Czech Republic       1

The full list of contributors can be found in Bailador the book.

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