GitHub Actions for programmers


  • Be able to setup GitHub Action as a Continuous Integration system.
  • Run GitHub Actions on Linux, macOS, and MS Windows.
  • Run GitHub Actions in Docker containers.


  • Software developers and programmers who need to work co-operatively on projects.

Course Format

  • Duration of the course is 8 academic hours. One full day or 2 half-days.
  • The course includes approximately 40% hands on lab work.


  • An understanding of the cloud-based source-code management.


About GitHub Actions

  • GitHub Actions vs GitHub workflows
  • What kind of things can be done using GitHub Actions

Creating the first workflow

  • The basic structure of the YAML configuration files
  • Select the platform
  • Run simple shell commands


  • push
  • pull_request
  • manually running jobs
  • selecting branches

The matrix of jobs

  • Defining variables in the matrix
  • Excluding sets
  • Including sets
  • fail-fast

Using services in the workflows

  • Using MongoDB
  • Using PostgreSQL
  • Using MySQL/MariaDB
  • Using Redis

Variables and Secrets

  • Display the existing environment variables
  • Create environment variables for jobs
  • Stores secrets
  • Use the secret in the workflows

Let's talk

If you would like to bring this course to your organization, let's talk about it! You can reach me via email at or you can go ahead and schedule a chat:

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