Testing and test-automation in Python with Pytest


  • Be able to write unit, integration, and acceptance tests in Python.
  • Understand regression testing.
  • Understand Continuous Integration and how to use it with Python.
  • Be able to test various types of application: web based, CLI, databases (both SQL, and NoSQL), cloud-based (AWS, GCP)


  • Developers
  • QA engineers
  • DevOps engineers
  • Automation engineers

Course Format

  • 24 academic hours. (3 days)


  • At least 1 year experience programming in Python.
  • Bring your own computer where you already have Python installed and where you have the rights to install new software.



  • Short review of unittest and doctest.
  • Getting started with testing: top-down and bottom-up.
  • Install and setup pytest
  • Arguments of pyttest
  • Testing the functions of a module
  • Testing the methods of a class
  • Capture Standard output and standard error
  • Provide Standart input (keyboard input) to the program
  • Skipping irrelevant tests
  • Handling know issues
  • Tests that are expected to fail
  • Setup and teardown methods
  • xUnit-style Fixtures
  • Advanced Pytest-stle fixtures
  • Creating your own fixtures
  • Separating test executions
  • Parametrized tests
  • Parallel test run
  • Testing command line applications
  • Testing web applications
  • Testing the REST APIs of microservices
  • Creating and understanding test coverage
  • Mocking and Monkey Patching
  • Faking an external API
  • Testing error conditions
  • Verifying the proper exceptions are raised.
  • Testing how the application behaves when a third-party API breaks.
  • Faking random numbers for testing
  • Collecting and interpreting code coverage
  • Generating XML and JSON reports
  • The most common plugins of Pytest
  • Configuring Pytest
  • Using Linters, PEP8, Flake8 to enhance tests
  • Integration with various CI systems
  • TDD - Test Driven Development
  • Testing Flask-based web application
  • Acceptane testing with Selenium

Let's talk

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