• Use GitHub effectively


  • Teams of software developers and programmers who need to work co-operatively on projects.
  • DevOps engineers
  • Automation engineers

Course Format

  • Duration of the course is 16 academic hours. Two full days or 4 half-days.
  • The course includes approximately 40% hands on lab work.


  • An understanding of the cloud-based source-code management.


About GitHub

  • What is GitHub
  • Creating an account


  • What are Issues
  • Opening an Issue
  • Tagging issues
  • Searching for issues

Markdown used by GitHub

  • Basic Markdown format
  • Referencing commits
  • Referencing issues and Pull-Requests

Working with branches

  • Branching
  • Merging
  • Conflict resolution
  • Tagging

Working with a remote repository

  • Forking
  • Pull-Requests
  • Cloning a remote repository
  • pull
  • push

CI/CD with Github Actions

  • Creating the first workflow
  • Select your container
  • Choose your language(s)
  • Build matrix
  • Compiling code
  • Running tests
  • Reporting
  • Secrets

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