3 simple ways to help the Perl community

The Ironman Challenge, Perl Sphere and blogs.perl.org provide nice avenues for Perl programmers to express themselves and to read each other's posts.

Yet the level of interaction seems to be lower than on other blogs.


Some of my blogs get a few comments, but most of the time they go without any.

A few people tweet my blogs and some even share them on Facebook or on G+.

If you are one of those, let me thank you for that. It makes me happy and want to write more.

Not Personal

But it isn't just me. If you look at Modern Perl Books by chromatic. He too gets only a few comments and tweets.


On the other hand look at the blog post about A/B testing on copyblogger.

It got 73 comments!

That page has a Twitter widget showing that it was re-tweeted 392 (!) times and a Facebook widget showing it was shared 68 (!) times.

This provides a huge coverage.

I am sure this feedback helps the authors keep going with their blogs.

Even if the comments are "just" agreeing with the post. Even if they are "just" tweets.

And it's not that difficult to do that.

Comment and share!

So if you like the fact that there are many Perl blogs and want to help a bit, go ahead and comment on the blog!

If you are using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Delicious or some other social network, share the link!

People who see a post they have already read can easily disregard your sharing. Others who did not read the blog the first time will think again and might read it because they saw it a second time.

So don't worry. This repetition is good repetition. It strengthens our community!

At first it might need some conscious effort to remember always to share what you read, but soon you will get used to it.

Now go ahead and comment on my blog and share it!

Or write another blog and link back to mine as Kiran did.