Ad-free browsing

As a website owner who has content and tries to make some money from the ads, would you be ready to offer an ad-free option of your website to people who are ready to pay you some small monthly fee or a slightly larger one-time fee?

As a person visiting web-sites, would you be ready to pay to selected site to support the owner of the site in exchange for ad-free browsing on their site?

I know I would want both.

I wonder, are there systems that make it easy for website owners to allow for ad-free browsing in exchange to some small fee?

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This article from 2019 The cost of an ad-free internet: $35 more per month claims that the biggest advertisement platforms receive $106 billion in ad spending in 2019 and they divide it by 250 million people, the number of US adults to get to the conclusion they get roughly 425 USD / year or 35 USD / month.

They also include a lot of points contemplating about the values. I on the other hand am not sure if the $106 billion ad revenue is only for ads seen by US adults or also by US kids and also by all the other people in the world who visit these websites. That would substantially lower the monthly number.

This article also from 2019 Majority of Adblock users pay for digital content, and would pay publishers for an ad-free experience. "Through a recent survey, however, we find that the majority (76%) of adblock users agree that publishers have the right to earn revenue to support the content they publish."

The story

There are tons of website on the Internet with free content that would like to generate some revenue from their content. Some of them provide extra content for a fee, but a lot more of them  use advertisements as a source of revenue. Unfortunately ads are really disturbing and the revenue from them isn't that great either.

On the other hand many people install ad blockers that will remove the ads, but apparently a large percentage of these people would be ready to pay a modest fee for good content.

I would like a solution that is very easy for website owners to integrate that will allow people to pay a one-time fee or a recurring payment (the choice of the web-site owner what to offer) and have ad-free access to that web site.

It needs to work in a way that does not require the web-site owner to handle money directly, nor require a registration on the website of owner. (People do have to register on the web-site providing this service though.)


People who visit the website will see a message along this: "ad-free browsing for $1/month" or "lifetime ad-free browsing for $10".

This will place a cookie form ad-free (AF) website. When they click through they will see a form where they can signup/login to AF. There they can manage their subscriptions to the various web sites. AF will charge them monthly for all the subscriptions at once and distribute the revenue among the websites. In order for this to work I think the code for the ads will also need to be served by the AF site. Then AF will be able to know if the particular visitor should get an ad or not.

I guess it could integrate with something like Patreon and similar services that provide the money-charging part.