Add spell-checker to various applications

There are quite few Open Source and I guess a few closed source systems with spell-checking capabilities.

For example Mozilla Firefox when you are in an input box or a textarea on a web page you can right-click the mouse make sure that the "Check spelling" line is checked and then below it you can select a language. You can add even more languages.

The Mozilla Thunderbird email client also has a grammar and spell checker with a number of supported languages (Yiddish included)

LibreOffice has various language tools including a spell-checker.

OpenOffice has a spell-checker.

Chromium and thus Google Chrome have built-in spell-checkers. The former is open source, so I guess its spell-checkers are also open source. I am not sure about the latter.

As far as I understand all of these tools use hunspell behind the scenes that can also be used as a command-line spell-checker. It needs two files for each language. A .dic file listing the correct words and a .aff file adding all kinds of rules to help the spell-checker.

I managed to create these two files from the Ladino dictionary I have been working on and I can use it on the command-line with hunspell.

Obviously there are still a lot of improvements to be made, but one could be able to start to use it.

How to distribute the dictionary files?

The question is, how to distribute the dictionary files to the various open source systems?

Do I need to arrange for the inclusion in evert project separately?

Do I need to get the files be included in the various Linux distributions as well?

I found a document on how to contribute to LibreOffice and I've submitted a question about Firefox. Let's see what happens.