Announcing my first Perl e-book

I am always afraid releasing something new.

What if people will hate it? What if they find mistakes? A lot of them?

I always feel it is not ready yet but I can't wait till it is.

So I have to go with a different strategy.

I know it is not ready yet. So anyone who buys now, will also get all future updates. Free of charge.

I plan to release a new "edition" every month.

Perl e-books

Let me introduce the first, actually first 3 of my Perl e-books.

I took all the articles from the Beginner Perl Maven tutorial. They don't cover all the material yet but I did not want to wait any more.

I added the slides from my Beginner Perl Maven training course. I have been using and improving these slides for many years now. I think they are quite comprehensive for teaching Perl to beginners but they lack the detailed explanations. (That's what I am writing and publishing as the "tutorial".)

I also included more than 50 exercises I run during my classes with all the solutions.

All that came out to be 210 PDF pages. I split them in two so they can also be purchased separately. That's how I reached the 3 e-books.

Beginner Perl Maven (part 1)

  • How to install Perl, how to run scripts
  • Basic I/O
  • Scalar values and variables (numbers and strings)
  • Accessing files
  • Control flow (if, while, foreach)
  • Lists and arrays (context)
  • Functions, subroutines
  • Hash (associative arrays)

Beginner Perl Maven (part 2)

  • Regular expressions, pattern matching
  • Interaction with the file system
  • Error handling
  • Processes and Signals
  • Using existing procedural modules
  • Using existing OOP style modules from CPAN
  • Installing modules on UNIX/Linux and on Windows systems

That's it.

Oh, if you have already purchased the Beginner Perl Maven video courses, then don't buy this. I am going to send it to you free of charge. I'll even include the source code of all the examples and all the solutions.

For details check out Beginner Perl Maven e-book.

Oh, yeah. I really want you to be happy with this purchase. So if for some reason you don't like it just let me know, I'll refund the purchase price and you can still keep the stuff you bought.

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