Announcing the Advanced Perl Maven e-book

I am always afraid releasing something new.

What if people will hate it? What if they find mistakes? A lot of them?

I always feel it is not finished yet, but I know it never will be.

I can always find ways to improve it.

So I go with a different strategy. I sell my e-books with lifetime free upgrade.

As I was writing the syllabus, I went over the chapters and actually it is not bad.

I think it has quite a lot of good material. Even if a lot of the subject are still only in the form of slides without extensive explanations.

If you are interested, just head over to the Perl Maven site, register, so I can add the e-book to your account, and from the products page go to page describing the Advanced Perl Maven e-book.

You will find the syllabus and you'll find that is sells at 1/3 of its full price.

Not only that, but if you buy now, you will also get all future updates. Free of charge.

That's it. I know. I am really bad at selling.

Oh and if you do find things to improve, let me know.

Published on 2012-07-26 by Gabor Szabo