Automated Testing in PHP, Python, Ruby and Perl

For almost a year I have not dealt with my Open Source Test Automation research I started with this article: Quality Assurance and Automated Testing in Open Source Software

Today I have decided I'll try to give another push to this project. At this point what mostly interests me is how projects written in PHP, Python and Ruby are testing them self. Actually I should also look at projects written in Perl but I know at least those living on CPAN. Maybe I should look at other projects that are not on CPAN.

The questions I am asking myself are as follows:

  • Do they have unit tests?
  • Do they have automated tests for larger chunks of the application?
  • Do they use something like TAP?
  • Do they use other languages in their testing or only the one used in development?

Published on 2008-05-09 by Gabor Szabo