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With all my "inbound marketing" or whatever it is called, I remembered I had more Twitter accounts lying around so maybe I should start using them.

Some stats of their current state:

  • szabgab has 2,435 followers, had 5,821 tweets so far and I have been using it frequently for everything.
  • perlweekly has 2,753 followers, had 6,082 tweets so far and I have been using if frequently to post links received from my feed collector
  • perlmaven has 577 followers, had 1,455 tweets so far. Last post was on 2016.12.21
  • code__maven has 14 followers,had 44 tweets - Last post: 2016.07.23 - exactly 4 years ago!

A long time ago I created these accounts and started to use them, but for a long time I had a problem. I could be logged in to only one Twitter account at a time in my browser and so switching between accounts was too time-consuming to actively use all of them.

For some time I was using 3 browser to be logged in 3 Twitter accounts and you can see besides the two that I kept active, the PerlMaven account also had many Tweets and a few followers.

Having 3 browsers was also a bit too much investment but at one point I encountered the Buffer service that allows one to schedule posts ahead of time. From that point I was logged in to my szabgab directly in my main browser and I used Buffer to post on my perlweekly account. That worked out quite well as I could post the links in one batch but they would be published with an interval of a few hours.

Then in June 2019 Twitter added account switching capabilities to its web interface.

What can I say, I am a slow move so I've started to use this feature only a few weeks ago. First I only logged in to the Perl Weekly account that allowed me to start "like"-ing and re-sharing posts made by other Perl-related accounts I was following.

Then today I made another step logging in to my other two accounts. The Perl Maven had more than 500 follower, but the

  • Code Maven account had only 14.

    I don't know if using these account to share code-snippets like I do on my LinkedIn pages makes sense or not, but I'll give it a try.

    I've started to post images of code-snippets with a few words about them and a link to the source.

    Let's see how does that work out.

    BTW apparently I joined Twitter more than 11 years ago.