Backlinks or links back to your site

As coding did not work well, I was in a marketing mood today so I wanted to find out which sites mention Padre? First I searched Google for Padre but it has other meanings as well. I tried Padre perl which brought up a lot of hits but most of them were just CPAN listings or my announcements syndicated by various sites. Still I found the blog entries of Fayland

Anyway, there used to be a feature I think even on Google to find all the pages that link to a certain web site. The syntax as I remember was

Ah, and as I write this I just found out why did I think it stopped working. Nobody is linking to but if I try the same with it returns 22 hits.

I think I still prefer Altavista that using the same returns 421 results...


Someone sent me the links with the relevant searches of Yahoo for and for

Published on 2008-11-11 by Gabor Szabo