Bailador 0.0.12 released and the Bailador Book is progressing

August was a bit slow, but Martin Barth has released Bailador version 0.0.11 on 2017.08.26 and version 0.0.12 on 2017.09.09. Development speed seems to be picking up again now that the summer has ended and kids are busy with school.

The changes of 0.0.12 2017.09.09

  • Added logging to StaticRoute, if a requested file was not found
  • Class attribute in Routes with Controllers are no longer of type Str but a class type
  • Gradual serving now creates the sitemap.xml on the fly.
  • Examples have been reorganized and some more tests were added.
  • Require classes in controllers if they're not loaded
  • Convert Failure to Exception - error handling for missing controller classes
  • Log if template or layouts were not found and avoid "internal server errors".

The changes of 0.0.11 2017.08.26

  • Ticket #245 - created doc directory
  • Ticket #185 - let run-psgi-request accept Hash
  • Ticket #251 - created a for github
  • Ticket #222 - update documentation on render
  • Ticket #242 - update documentation on static-dir including bug at capture group in B::Route::StaticFile
  • Added support for Controller classes and objects
  • Ticket #231 - fixed includes (related to #224)
  • Ticket #180 - allow to colorize terminal output

For links to the specific issues visit the GitHub repository of Bailador.

Updates to the Bailador book

I've also published a new edition of the Bailador ebook on 2017-09-03.

  • Chapter 03 - Start text about MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Update Rakudo Star to 2017.07 and Bailador 0.0.11
  • Chapter 1 split into two (a and b for now) and make lots of updates.
  • Chapter 12 - Introduce memcached.
  • Chapter 06 - Add rate-limit example using memcached.

People who supported the crowdfunding campaign and picked the "continuous e-book" version have already received the update. If you have not receive my announcement from Leanpub, check your configuration there. If you don't have access to the book at all check my original thank-you letter after your contribution in which I've sent you the coupon. If you can't find it, send me an e-mail.

If you got the "final e-book" perk then, well, you still have to wait some more time I guess, but don't worry, the book is making progress.

Published on 2017-09-12 by Gabor Szabo