Bailador Crowdfunding campaign by country - first 100 contributors

So far a 100 people have backed the Bailador crowdfunding campaign. Here is the breakdown of the number of supporters by country:

  Country        Contributions
  United States       35
  Canada              11
  Germany              8
  Israel               8
  United Kingdom       7
  Australia            4
  Austria              4
  France               3
  Spain                3
  Netherlands          2
  Denmark              2
  Iceland              2
  Sweden               2
  Finland              1
  India                1
  Norway               1
  Portugal             1
  Ireland              1
  Russian Federation   1
  Indonesia            1
  Greece               1
  Switzerland          1
  Czech Republic       1

The full list of contributors can be found in Bailador the book.

Published on 2017-06-08 by Gabor Szabo

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