Blogging about Perl outside the community?

I read the suggestions of chromatic to write about the projects we do and then post them on Technorati and and similar places. Actually I think I already read these suggestions a few month ago. So I signed up on both Technorati and on

Then I looked around to see what content is there which might be related to Perl. One of the first hit on was the link to the Perlmonks node The Perl Hacker Inferiority Complex

I read the comments and it was plain sad. Full of nonsense coming out mainly from people who seem to be Python programmers. Lots of hatred too.

Do I really need this? Even on Perlmonks a few month ago there was a troll who posted stupid and offending comments to nearly any post or comment. After some time it went away but it was very annoying.

I would not be surprised if many Perl programmers would rather not post anything on these forums just to avoid such comments. I for one get quite discouraged.

Anyway I posted another Perlmonks node on What can bring the excitement back to Perl and an article on PerlBuzz: Good Perl code is the best form of evangelism

We'll see if generates the same stupid reaction.

Published on 2008-03-27 by Gabor Szabo