My favorite places in Budapest

Once in a while someone asks me to recommend places in Budapest, so instead of writing them every time again, let me list them here and then I can point them to this site.

Recommendations in Budapest

I guess it will be difficult to recommend only 2-3 places so here is a longer list with some comments.


Ice Cream and Cakes

  • Daubner probably the best icecream in the country.


  • Rom Kocsmák or Ruin Pubs in English are fun places.
  • The whole area in what was the Jewish Ghetto has a lot of pubs, coffee shops and restaurants.
  • Gozsdu Udvar is located in that area too.
  • There is another nice pub/coffee shop area in the city in Jókai tér (Jokai square) next to the Octogon which can be reached using the M1 metro line or by tram 4 or 6.
  • Kőleves Vendéglő (Stonesoup Restaurant and Garden) is in the same area.

Places for kids

Other places of interest



Hiking ideas in and near Budapest

  • Hármashatárhegy
  • Libegő - Jánoshegy - Ifjusági vasút - Szabadság hegy - Fogas
  • Gellért tér - Gellért hegy - Vár
  • Szentendre

Published on 2006-07-19 by Gabor Szabo

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