Busy June: German Perl Workshop, LinuxTag, YAPC::NA, Belgian Perl Workshop

June will be really busy for me. Tomorrow heading to Schorndorf (near Stuttgart) in Germany to participate on the first day of the German Perl Workshop.

German Perl Workshop

I don't have a talk scheduled but I plan to setup a "booth" where I hope to talk to people about the events group of TPF and we can promote Perl on non-Perl events. On the GPW there are 103 registered people and 68 committed. Besides standing there and talking to people I also have a bunch of Perl Mongers T-shirts I have left in my flat that people ordered 4 years ago and never paid and picked up. I'll sell those shirts and the "profit" will go to cover the expenses of the TPF events group.

Torsten Raudssus (aka Getty) will bring an additional bunch of polo-shirts. As he works in a printing shop he was kind enough to deal with the printing of a bunch of Perl::Staff shirts to be given to the people manning the Perl booth at LinuxTag in Berlin and a bunch of Perl+Onion shirts to be sold on GPW.

I'll stay at the place of Rolf Schaufelberger who was kind enough to offer this. This is awesome. Both because it brings more social interaction and because it saves me a few bucks in my already expensive month.

LinuxTag Berlin

On Tuesday, 8th June I'll take a flight to Berlin. There I'll stay at the place of Jochen Hayek from the Berlin Perl Mongers. There are a number of people who will help maintaining the Perl booth at LinuxTag. We got a huge space there. Some 25 sqm. On Friday and Saturday, Sheila Sijtsema from Booking.com will also join us. She will be there to present the job offers of Booking. So if you are in the area and want to have a chat with her, that's the time to come. In addition to the booth I am also giving a talk Automatic testing in the Open Source world and what businesses can learn from them which is basically showing how the Perl 5, Rakudo and Parrot smoking and the CPAN Testers work.

I also submitted a request for a Perl 6 workshop but I'll get their approval or rejection only tomorrow so I am not yet sure what will happen with that.

The organizers tell us that there will be some 10,000 visitors. I personally hope we will have some 500-1,000 people visiting our booth interested in Perl at some level.

Heading home on the 13th.


On the 18th I take another flight to Columbus, Ohio to participate on YAPC::Na. I have one talk scheduled Working with upstream - Distributing Perl modules from CPAN and there are tons of talks I'd like to see but I think most of the time I'll spend at a table turning my "hallway track" participation into something more structured. I'll see how this works out. According to the website there are now 291 registered users and 210 are already committed.

Belgian Perl Workshop

Finally on my way home from the US I'll stop by for half a day in Brussels on the 26th June to participate on the Belgian Perl Workshop. I have several talk proposals there. We'll see which one will be accepted.

They are expecting 30-40 people there.

Most of my time during these conferences will be spent on talking to people about the Perl events group. Here is how I'd propose a lightning talk about the subject.

About the Perl events group of The Perl Foundation

We were at FOSDEM. We were at CeBIT. We will have been in LinuxTag Berlin.

A few minutes on the fun in promoting Perl to the few (thousands) who don't (yet) attend YAPCs and Perl Workshops.