Code Maven

For a long time I wanted to extend the Perl Maven site to include articles about other subject as well, but I think publishing articles about Python, Ruby or even JavaScirpt on a site called Perl-something would be strange.

Finally I reached the conclusion that I should use the domain I bought for some other purposes, but that would be perfect for this.

Hence a few days ago I started to post on the Code Maven site.

As you might see the two sites look quite similar, because I use the same back-end for both of them and I have not invested in some branded UI yet. That will come too. For now I wanted to get a feeling of writing about other subjects.

I started writing about Node.js, but my plans include quite a range of subjects. I don't even want to limit them at this point. I think I'll just write about everything code, or programming related. That will include a lot of the "web stack": HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Probably I look at Dart again.

I'll certainly will use and write about some of the databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB come to my mind immediately).

Quite likely I am going to write about Python, Ruby and PHP as well. I'll probably exclude Perl, as I'll keep posting about Perl 5 on the Perl Maven site, and about Perl 6 on the Perl 6 Maven.

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Published on 2015-02-01 by Gabor Szabo