ConFoo 2013 in Montreal - Call for Papers is Now Open!

ConFoo is one of the most important developer-oriented conferences in North-America. It has a wide range of topics, but as of now, Perl is not included yet.

It would be awesome if some of the local Perl Mongers (e.g. from Montréal, Ottawa, or even Toronto could submit talk proposals.

ConFoo 2013 in Montral, Canada

The Call for Papers was published 2 weeks ago, and it will be closed 10 days from now on 23 September 2012. According to the call for papers you can give your talk either in English or French.

As I wrote Perl is not mentioned as one of the "aspects", but I don't think that should stop anyone from submitting a talk showing Dancer, Mojolicious, or some other aspect of development using Perl.

If that works, next year, they might even put Perl on the list.

There is a set of guidelines. They are looking for somewhat experience speakers, who already gave talks at least in their local user group (read Perl Monger group).

As I understand from the announcement on this Ruby blog, all the proposals will be public, and the attendees will be able to vote which ones they'd like to see. So you'll need to submit something that can be interesting to a wider range of audience. Not just Perl hackers.

Published on 2012-09-13 by Gabor Szabo