Contract is finished, life is beautiful

Yesterday I finished my contract at a client that involved spending most of my time in their offices. Today is a new day and I am full of plans and energy. This is a short meta-entry.

Some of my plans are:

Investing more time in making Padre a successful Open Source project. I'll write about it later.

Continue and improve the screencasts on various aspects of Perl.

I plan to invest the next few weeks to prepare for my talks and the training at YAPC::EU in August in Riga. (see also Perl Classes in Riga around YAPC)

Reading some books I postponed for too long.

Most importantly I'd like to spend some time with my kids during the summer. For example going to the swimming pool or maybe even to the sea and visiting my cousin.


There are a number of business ideas I'd like to check out. None of these will pay the bills any time soon.

I'll open new Perl training courses starting in August.

I am not going to look for big projects - if one comes I'll see if that fits. Short projects might be relevant but mostly I'd like to do some mentoring.

That's it I think. Now let me start implementing.

Published on 2011-07-06 by Gabor Szabo