Creating a Live CD for Perl

In order to make it easier to demo Perl and Perl based applications it would be great to have a LiveCD with all the necessary tools already installed and configured. So in preparation to our participation on FOSDEM and CeBIT I'd like to start planning and building a Live CD.

In order collect the ideas and experiences of people I started a page on the TPF wiki describing the plan to build a Live CD with Perl applications

The CD should have at least two major parts.

One is a bootable Live CD based on one of the major Linux distributions. It should contain a good Perl development environment meaning both editors and lots of Perl modules and many Perl based modules and applications ready to use. For example it should contain an already configured Smolder server. The user should be able to install this LiveCD on her computer or in a VirtualBox and start using the applications. She should also be connected to the regular repositories of the relevant distribution so she can use the standard tools of that distro to update/upgrade the system.

The other things should be a set of Windows executables so the user running Windows will be able to run them directly from the CD. It should be based on Strawberry Perl (Professional) for Windows. and have other things installed.

What other applications would you put on that CD? Do you have experience in building customized LiveCDs and might want to help? Are there other live CDs with some Perl applications? Go over to the Perl Live CD or make your comments here.

Published on 2009-12-29 by Gabor Szabo