Creating an online video-enabled club or party

Recently I started to create online meetings for Ladino-speaking community called Echar Lashon. The idea is to create an online space where people can meet and speak in Ladino.

I imagine it to be similar to a "club" or to a "party" and I am trying to figure out how this could work both socially and technologically. Maybe there are already systems that can be easily used for this, I am just not aware of them, maybe we'll need to cobble together something.

Current situation

So far we used Zoom with a single main room. The last time we were already 12 people and I expect this number to grow. If thing go well it might soon pass 100 people at the same time. Obviously this won't work well. It will become a chat among a very small subset of the people with all the others listening in, but not really participating.

I think at around 4-6 participants is the limit of having a conversation where everyone can really participate.

The dream

The idea is to imitate a party or a club

  • People can form small subgroups to talk about something. Think about a few people standing together or sitting down at the kitche-table and having a chat.
  • They can look around to see who else isĀ at the party and to see who is in which subgroup.
  • People can easily move to other subgroups.
  • All this using both audio and video.

There must be some way to approve who can enter the meeting. For example a moderator during the meeting or maybe a registration process before where a moderator can decide who can be a member.

The party can be started and stopped by some moderators. In this way it is more like a club that might be open every day between certain hours and maybe even during other hours. If we reach a lot of people this club/party might be always-on and people just come and go any time they like.

I can then imagine people setting a meeting like "meet me at the club at this-and-this time in this-and-this room".


Some technologies that either I already used or that were recommended by others.


I started using Zoom where I can moderate and where I could create rooms. I can even create rooms up-front though I don't think I can rename them up-front.

As I understand it, only paying 'hosts' can start a meeting even if it already scheduled. This would mean for each moderator / host we would need to pay an extra $15/month. Sounds too expensive.

I could probably get-by with one or two extra hosts, who are responsible for opening the meeting, but who can then pass on the moderation duty to someone. They only need to be stand-by to reopen the meeting if it gets closed by mistake.


I don't see the moderation function in the hosted free version at

I tried using, but so far could not understand how it works or what is the pricing. It also wanted me to use Chrome to sync with my calendar which means I cannot full use it from Firefox.

Self-hosted Jitsi? I can try to see if I could host a Jitsi instance myself. Maybe Digital Ocean even has a pre-packaged version. I like DO, but to tell the truth, if I am already paying for Jitsy I'd rather pay the developers for a hosted solution than a hosting company. I checked, DO has Jitsi in its marketplace and they recommend a CPU-Optimized server with at leas 4 GB memory that costs $40/month.


I used Discord a few times, but have not managed to understand it. Maybe this time.


Mibo looks nice, but it seems quite pricy ($19/month if paid annually for up to 25 participants.)

Anyway it looks nice, though I am not sure it would be the ideal place for conversations with Ladino speakers.

When I registered it told me: "Your graphics processor doesn't seem to meet the minimum performance requirement. This means you might have a subpar experience when using Mibo."


There is also VRChat



Published on 2022-06-07 by Gabor Szabo