Daily TODO 2023.06.20

Am I going to make this a habit now? Nah, even two swallows don't make summer.

(That's swallow, the bird)


Yesterday my afternoon workshop was cancelled and thus the whole day I was learning Rust and working on the Rust slides. It is not easy (for me) to learn a new programming language so it went slow.

Well after preparing and sending out the 621st edition of the Perl Weekly that also took a few hours.

I am also listening to this podcast: Episode 27: Leading with Values: Sid Sijbrandij joins Matt Mullenweg to talk about GitLab, Transparency and Growing a Distributed Company and if you are interested I am using Podcast Addict for that.


Today, in the morning hours I'll work on OSDC site I'd like to list the projects I am working on where the participants can contribute to. issue I also plan to list all of my other courses, but I might do this later. issue.

I opened issues with these tasks.

Then I plan to continue working on the Rust slides. I won't open an issue for that.

I won't have a lot of time for this as I am going to Tel Aviv to have lunch with one friend and then tea with another friend and in the evening I am going to attend the first Maakaf Meetup about Open Source.

In between these meetings I'll listen to more podcasts, I guess. We'll see.