Last meeting of the OSDC Course in Azrieli

I guess instead of calling these posts Daily Report or Daily TODO I can use titles that also have some meaning, right?


I was rather tired yesterday, probably due to way too much food and excitement the day before. I mean, it the last 3 years I was working from home and hardly went out. So meeting people, especially strangers, face-to-face takes a toll. Besides, I am 3 years older. OK, that might be just a lame excuse.

I started to write my own handbook for OSDC and I had several ideas I wanted to record there during the day. That's good. I should keep updating it as I think about it.

I update the slides of the Rust course and I recorded two more videos for the Rust course in Hebrew. I posted it both in the Discord Channel of the the Maakaf community and in the Israeli Hi-Tech group on LinkedIn.

I did not record the English video.

I was reading the Rust book. Something I started the day before when I was waiting in Tel Aviv.

Plans for Today

I will continue working on the Rust course, maybe even record a few videos.

I have the last meeting of the OSDC at Azrieli. I still have to grade their work but I am glad this one ends. And I wish I can start a new one improved by the knowledge and experienced I gained here.

Hebrew spelling

In that Maakaf group I mentioned the language of conversation is Hebrew. While I am fluent speaking Hebrew I hardly spent any time reading and writing. So my spelling is horrible. A few years ago I used Duolingo to practice the reading and spelling part. It helped me a lot. Both with my spelling and my confidence. Before that I would not even try writing. However I'd like to practice more. I'll get back to see what's going on in my Duolingo account, but I was thinking of creating a project especially focused on teaching spelling. So there would be voice reading out aloud a word or a short sentence and then you'd have to type in the word or sentence. It is then verified and the correct answer is shown.

It could be a fun little project that could be then reused for the Ladino web site as well, but now jumping on that and pausing the Rust course might not be such a good idea. There is also LibreLingo contributed to once. But in this project I don't think about a full learning course. At least that's not what what I need.