Friday 2023.06.23

It felt that I made very little progress yesterday. Probably because I did not see any "success". Whatever that means.


During the last session of the OSDC Course at Azrieli I described my idea for an application to practice Hebrew spelling. One participant had the suggestion to use some text-to-speech system instead of real people. I wonder how good are those for reading Hebrew words? Also I am not sure I'd want to use a proprietary service for this project. Then I thought I could use various Hebrew corpus to generate the text. At the end the real difficulty might be to implement the algorithm of spaced repetition.

Someone posted a link to Top GitHub Users By Public Contributions in Israel. As it turns out I am number 2 on that list. I guess mostly due to the various automated git updates I used to run, some of which are still running though I think now they use some anonymous account in order to identify the commit.

I found and signed up to Zulip which is an open source alternative to Discord and Slack. It is written in Python. They have a hosted version, but I could also download it and run it myself.

I made some progress with the Rust slides though I feel it is way too slow.

I walked someone through the process of adding a new word to Kantoniko, the Ladino dictionary.

Plans for Today

I ran out of the Rust recordings so I need to record a few more episodes. I might even publish more than one.

I will work more on the Rust slides.

I have to admit I feel certain fatigue from working on Rust. I wonder if this means I should take a break and make progress with one of the other projects I work on and then get back to it with fresh eyes? Certainly if I felt more success with it and with the videos I'd feel better. True, the videos have not reached any of the interesting parts yet, so people watching the videos cannot really do anything with Rust yet. I guess I need to also work on the Rust Digger to be able to show some progress.

I plan to explore Zulip a bit more. There should be some public listing of some of the Zulip installations. I'd like to see how are those. I should also decide what to do with it. Shall I make it a publicly available resource for everyone who would like to get help with Open Source? That sound ridiculous and if I look at the Ladino WhatsApp group I started. Every day there are hundreds of messages now, but I don't have time to read them. Does that mean success? Or does that mean that creating such a Zulip installation will just get out of hand?

There is also the weekly meeting of the Maakaf community. I wonder if I should participate or if it is a distraction now? I might tune in and listen to it while I try to continue working on the slides.