GitHub user group, articles on the OSDC site

Yesterday again was a busy day that included travelling as well.


Watched the presentation of Evyatar Alush on Open Source Development: Myths, Misconceptions, and Realities (in Hebrew) again. I already saw it live, but wanted to take his points and incorporate them into the explanations I give. Using the points I added a few pages to the OSDC web site and linked them from the course.

Sent out an e-mail to the members of the Code-Mavens Meetup group inviting them to the new community platform.

I read a bit more about Rust and added some more slides, but did not record any videos.

In the afternoon I went in to Tel Aviv to meet a friend. It was a last minute schedule when I realized I'll be near her workplace for a Meetup so we did not have much time. Besides a little bit of personal conversation we talked some about the way organizations, especially the ones that are not technology oriented use Open Source.

It is funny how these conversation impact me. On one hand I feel that I don't know anything about this market and that what I am trying to offer is either nonsense or some companies already offer similar services. On the other hand this just strengthens my resolve. If others do similar things then I "just" need to find the niche that they don't properly serve and handle that niche. In particular I need to get back to the project I started a while ago analyzing how various organizations deal with open source and also talk to executives about their relationship to Open Source.

Then I need to write articles based on these conversations.

I even wrote and published the first one: Only internally vetted and approved Open Source libraries can be used.

Then I went to an event of the GitHub user group about Tracing the Open Source Revolution & Tracing the Git Revolution.

It was a bit hard to find - the same building number have 3 entrances without any particular signs (e.g. a, b, c), but I was not aware of this. Of course the one where I had to go was the the 3rd one I visited.

I did not know this user group, but it might be interesting to give a presentation to them.

Both talks covered subjects I am already quite familiar with, but in both talks there were also items that I did not know. In any case I think both were presented quite well.


This week Mohammad S Anwar is editing the Perl Weekly newsletter so I only need to do some fine-tuning and then I can publish it.

I have to record some new episodes of the Rust videos.

I have to go through all the notes I wrote yesterday and either convert them to articles on the OSDC site or I might need to add them to the previous section on this page.

I need to update more on the OSDC site, in particular the analysis of open source projects, the articles, and the details of the course.