2 weeks report

As I can see the last "official" daily I wrote was almost 2 weeks ago. Though I wrote about learning Rust yesterday.

So let me gather my thoughts for the last 2 weeks and what's ahead of me now.

Past 2 weeks

On the previous weekend we had a family event that lasted about 2 days, but then I had to rest for one more day. It was nice and mentally relaxing, but physically a bit tiring. Actually I think it was mostly the driving that made me tired and being outside in warm weather.

Then we had the speakers dinner of PyCon Israel, the conference itself and the workshop day.

On the way to the speakers dinner I got a ride from Udi Oron and Bat-El Ziony Sabati also joined us. On the way back even Reuven Lerner came with us. Both directions we had very interesting discussion mostly on technology. As 3 of us are teaching git at various places it was interesting to hear what are the different thing we teach, where we put the emphasizes.

At the dinner I managed to talk to a number of people, but I had to realize I don't hear that well. Especially when the environment is noisy. I think I could never really follow conversations in such environments, but this seem to be worse now. Talking one-on-one face-to-face or the people next to me still works well.

Among the people I met was Irit Katriel, who is a full-time employee at Microsoft dedicated to work on the implementation of Python. One of her first contributions was a typo fix in Python.

During the first half of the conference I went to a number of talks that were quite interesting. After lunch I had less energy going to talks, but I found a number of people to talk to. Including Orna Shalev who was my manager at a client a long time ago.

On 2nd day I lead a workshop trying to get the participants to reach their first contribution to an open source project. In retrospective I might have given them way too much background instead of focusing on the technique and thus we barely made it to the JSON file in the workshop repository. On the other hand, since that workshop I had some further discussion with people and now I feel that I don't put enough emphasize on the open source culture in my courses. I will need to find a better balance between providing the historical and cultural background, showing the techniques, and practicing.

Since the end of the conference I was mostly focusing on working on the Rust Digger and the Rust slides. I made some nice progress again, but I still feel that it is too little and too slow.

I also tried to get some content out so I won't work hidden. After all I need feedback from people on my work and I need to get to new clients to provide training to them.

I worked a bit on the new web site of the GitHub user group.


I have 412 messages in my inbox. This is unbearable. I clearly need to invest a lot of time cleaning this up. Some of them will be relatively easy to deal with. For others I'll need quite some time.

I have to do the monthly accounting as well. Checking if my clients paid and sending out new invoices.

I'll continue to work on the web site of GitHub user group to make it ready to be used prime time.

I'll keep working on the Rust projects as mentioned earlier.