Daily Activity

The majority of my supporters on Patreon, are in the lowest tier and I feel that I rarely publish content on Patreon that is public. So they hardly get any notifications from me.

It might seem to them that I don't do much these days, so I wrote them this message to explain what I do these days on an (almost) daily base.

Almost daily I record videos of my courses and also publish them to the people in the higher tiers, on Patreon.

In addition almost daily I post code snippets with explanations on several social channels in two (programming) language: Perl and Python.

I post:

On the Perl Maven page on LinkedIn, and then I re-share to the Perl group on LinkedIn. On the page I get some comments, the group does not seem to be active at all. (This page has 630 followers)

On the Python Maven page on LinkedIn, and then re-share to some of the Python-related groups. (There are several.) I started to get some comments on my Python page but the Perl page is more active. (This page has 470 followers)

On the Perl Maven page on Facebook and then I re-share my posts to the Perl Programmers group. It is a private group with 4.5K followers. Once you join you can post freely. They are received there quite well and sometimes they generate quite a discussion where people such as Randal L. Schwartz are commenting on them. Nice.

On my new Python Maven on Facebook, and then I try to re-share them to the Python group. It is a public group with 357K follower. It is moderated and not all of my posts are accepted. They started to accept more of my posts and some of those started to generate discussions.

If you are interested in any of these and if you have a LinkedIn or Facebook account, I'd like to invite you to follow those pages and join those groups.

Published on 2021-01-12 by Gabor Szabo