Daily Task

A week ago, on July 23 I start a "daily task". The idea came from reading the article about gratitude, but I was not sure if I want to restrict it to those topic.

Now, after a week I see I had 5 posts in the first 7 days, 2 on the same day.

Originally I thought I'll write about subjects where I feel gratitude. I even prepared a small private list of thing I can write about, but I was not sure I would want to write about all of those topics. In any case, the emphasis might be on "small". There were only a few items I could come up with.

For improvement it might be a good idea to follow-up on the "gratitude" article and on the daily gratitude project it describes.

However it is not just gratitude I wanted to write about. Right from the beginning I though I should probably broaden my topics to anything that does not fit my technical web sites.

I thought about watching and reflecting on TED talks.

Commentary on what I see on Twitter that makes me anxious and what I think about that.

However I am not sure publishing my thoughts is a good idea. I see plenty of people being attacked for whatever they think and say aloud. From all the directions. Do I need this? In a way writing down my thought help me shape them, but should I really publish them? Is it worth it? - This should be a separate topic, shouldn't it?

The idea of the daily task was to take some time every day to invest in something different from my work-related subjects. It worked partially as I managed to do it 4 days out of the 7. One day twice.

Here is one of the issues. Sometimes I feel a surge of energy in writing about various topics that could an probably should be separate posts. I know, from experience, that postponing one or more of the topics does not really work. I lose my ideas the next day and often I don't have the energy or the time to think and write about non-technical topics. So it seems it is inevitable that I'll have days with multiple posts and then days without any post.

However that's not what I wanted. I wanted to force myself to take some time out of my work and work-related things to have some personal growth. (and not just watching movies on Netflix.)

Anyway, this was sort-of a meta-post about posting.