Perl Dancer eBook Crowdfunding campaign

Two days ago I've launched a crowdfunding campaign to write a book called Single Page Application with Perl Dancer.

I've taught this subject several times so I already have a large chunck of the material as slides. I "just" need to convert it into a book. Nevertheless I will only do this work if there is some interest in it. Hence the crowdfunding campaign.

So far it goes quite well. In the first 24 hours there were 16 contributors. In the first 48 hours there were 27 contributors providing 23% of the goal.

The goal this time is much more modest than when I ran the Bailador campaign. In a way this is an experiment to see what happens if the goal is lower, but it is an all-or-nothing situation.

I am quite positive that we will reach this goal, but of course it all depends on you. Do you expect to need this book? Would you give the requested amount for it? Do you trust me to be able to deliver it?

Even if you don't need the book for yourself, would you want it to exist? Would it help the Dancer project? Maybe Perl 5 in general?

Oh and BTW here is my first attempt to create a book cover:

Published on 2017-09-16 by Gabor Szabo