Questions for assessing the DevOps needs of a company

If your company is looking for DevOps training, here are a few questions I am going to ask:

  • What technologies do you use? (operating systems, programming languages, databases)
  • What kind of products and services do you have? (Web?, Desktop?, Server on premise of the client? Mobile?)
  • Do you use any virtualization in the company? What kind of virtualization?
  • How do you configure your servers today?
  • How many developers do you have? How many QA people? How many sysadmins?
  • Do you use any cloud-based services? Which ones? Do you plan using cloud services?
  • What version control system do you use?
  • Do you have nightly builds?
  • How do you test the products/services? (Manual QA? Automated tests?)
  • How do you release and/or deploy today?