DevOps, the new silo

I am not surprised, but a bit sad that many people describe DevOps as the person responsible to make a piece of software run after the developers have developed it.

That's the description of Operations, and even then I'd say "old school operation".

DevOps is the idea that developers and operations people can work together in a single team and that developers are also responsible for the running of the software (if it is a service).

Unfortunately at most organizations DevOps became just another silo, separate from development. Sometimes it just replaced the operations, sometimes it is an entire new team making the problem of silos even worse.

I do have my own DevOps Maven page on LinkedIn where I share posts about "DevOps tools", but I wonder if I should just work my (programming) language-specific pages and keep sharing there advice that is in the general direction of the DevOps culture. Or maybe I should just do both.