DWIM Perl for Linux server 5.14.2 v2 released

I have been waiting with this too much. Let's put an end to it.

Or maybe a beginning.

Let me announce the first public release of DWIM Perl for Linux server.

DWIM Perl for Linux server

The idea is that I'd like to have a Perl distribution that I can

  1. upload to my server
  2. unzip
  3. launch my web application

Therefore it needs to contain every module I need for my site, except the actual application. Things such as Moose, Plack, Dancer and Starman.

The server part means that it does not contain any Wx thing for Padre...

This is an experimental release. I put it together a few months ago, but without any good reason delayed the announcement. That means I have not got any feed-back either. Which I'd like to get so I can make this really useful to you too.

So check it out. Download DWIM Perl for Linux server and let me know what do you think?