Edu Maven

Don't worry, I'll keep writing for the Perl Maven site, but I've also started to build a new site where I am going to publish material for other programming languages and technologies. ( was later merged into

I don't think I'll write lengthy articles there. At least not now. Instead of that I am going to publish the slides of my exisitng courses, and the onces I am currently writing.

So some of these pages are only "courses in preparation", or just "notes".

I found the easiest way for me to learn something is to write small snippets of code and to try to explain it to others. So even if in the end I won't use some of the material for teaching, creating these examples and slides is useful for me.

So why not share them?

Maybe they can be useful to you too.

I started with Ruby, MongoDB, Dart, and Python, JavaScript, and eveb a few slides about Vim. I am going to publish only a few pages at a time, but there is a newsletter where I send out the list of new articles and there is an Atom feed where you can follow.

Published on 2014-02-26 by Gabor Szabo