Ending the Padre and Parrot integration grant

Read my excuses why I am not going to implement the Padre and Parrot integration within the TPF grant.

Three months ago I got a grant from The Perl Foundation to integrate Padre and Parrot. (see Grant accepted for Integrating Padre with Parrot and Rakudo ) After a quick start ( Syntax highlighting for Perl 6 ) there was some progress but now I am stuck on things that I was hoping others will do by this time as I don't have the knowledge to improve Parrot embedding in Perl 5. I am sure there would be other parts of the project I could work on but my motivation was not too high in the past 2-3 months.

So I think it is better to cancel my grant and let the allocated money go to some other project that might have better chances to succeed. With this I'd like to thank the folks at TPF and Vienna.pm who looked at the grant proposal and dealt with the administrative part of it and to the

I don't give up on the idea of further integrating Parrot into Padre but it will take much longer than I expected and there are some other things I need to do with Padre that are more urgent.

Actually it was quite an interesting experience for me. I've heard from several people already that they don't want to get paid for their open source projects. They gave various reasons for that. I did not understand most of them. Now I think I understand more.

First I was quite happy for receiving the grant. Not so much for the actual money but 'cause that seemed to show that people in the semi official body of the Perl community think it is a worthy project.

Unfortunately the timing was not that good as about the same time when I received the grant I had 2-3 months of training almost every day. That's good as it helps pay the bills but it did not leave me time to work on Padre and on the grant project.

After a while it started to feel a bit of a chore. It started to feel like something I have to do as opposed to something I want to do. With that went my enthusiasm.

Anyway. Now that my other two grants were rejected and I have canceled this one I feel happy and free to actually start to work on some of these projects. I also seem to have some free time now till the next training in Oslo, ( Test Automation Training in Oslo, Norway and Hands on Perl 6 training in Oslo ) that I can fill with lots of coding.

As a related note I just release two initial plug-ins for Padre for SVK and SVN integration. Added an initial directory browser, removed a few nasty bugs and a huge memory leak and added a bot to the IRC channel of Padre.

So I started to make progress again.

Published on 2009-03-09 by Gabor Szabo