Falling number of visitors?

The Curious Programmer has just written a blog entry comparing Perl vs Emacs where he tells us about having only 100 visitors a day on his blog entries. A decline from the earlier time when he was writing about Emacs.

I commented there but then looked at the Google Analytics I have on my site and noticed that there was a peek in the number of visitors in March 2010 (6,700 visits / month ~ 220 visits/day) while in April there were only 5,000 visit. Lower than in February (5,800 visits) and about the same as I had in January (5,000 visits).

The number of visitors fluctuate, on the weekend a lot less people are visiting and on the days I write a blog post it usually jumps by 100 visits. The rest come from search engines to older posts and to some of the static pages.

I guess there are some people in the Ironman contest that get more visitors on their Perl related blog entries but I'd be surprised if there were many blogs that average more than 300 a day. Would people with such visitor count please stand up!

I am also not sure what to think about the fall of visitors from March to April.

Maybe I wrote less blog entries? Nope, I wrote 8 in April and 7 in March.

Maybe their level of interest fell? Well, on March 30 I wrote a blog entry that generated 573 visits and there were two other days with more than 300 visits. In April the highest day had 271 visits.

Maybe March was an exceptionally good month for me?

Is this peak in March something others can see as well?

Published on 2010-05-08 by Gabor Szabo