Finding a job in HiTech

I was not really expecting this, but several people who came to the Open Source Evening did so because they are trying to enter the hi-tech market or trying to find a better job in a slightly different field.

The problem they face is that it is hard to learn on your own and you cannot gain much experience if you are unemployed or if you work in a different position. (eg. you work as a manual QA tester but would like become a programmer)

In our meetings we provide an opportunity to learn technologies and techniques used in the industry. Primarily Open Source technologies that do not require a license fee.

So in the past we have

  • Installed and started to learn Linux
  • Wrote Unit and other automated test in Python, PHP, Perl. (We are in the middle of writing test in C#)
  • Learned about Git and GitHub
  • Collaborated on Open Source projects
  • Learn what is Continuous Integration and set it up for some projects

We continue to do these and I am sure we are going to add a lot more subject.

If you are interested, and you are near Modiin, Israel, join us at our next meeting.