Flawed democracy

Though I usually unfollow everyone who has shares Israel-bashing on Twitter, every now and then someone shares such a Tweet. For example today I saw some people sharing a link about some proposed law in Israel that will reduce the freedom of speech. Though I have not read the details, it might or might not be reasonable. I don't know. That's not the point here.

The point is that these people try to ridicule Israel being the only democracy in the Middle East.

Yeah, I know this sound arrogant, so I went to check the Democracy Index on Wikipedia.

It says Israel is a Flawed democracy. No 30 in the world among the 167 countries listed.

Just behind France and slightly ahead of Belgium.

We certainly could improve, but that's actually not that bad.

Compared to that the 2nd country in the "Middle East" is Lebanon. No 104 on the global list.

Surprisingly "Palestine" is the 3rd being No 108. Better than most of the other countries in ME.

The first Arab country is Tunisia No 69.

Hungary, just for comparision, is No. 56.

OK, now I feel better. Even though this won't have any impact on the haters.

Published on 2018-05-27 by Gabor Szabo