In order to get more clients I need to build up my whole funnel, but actually I already have tons of visitors, so now I should focus a lot more on creating the product/service I can sell and then on converting the visitors to paying subscribers. Once that works reasonably well I can focus more on getting even more visitors.

OK, maybe there is a small correction to that. I need loyal visitors to be able to convert them. People who keep returning to the site, either because they find it again and again on Google, or better yet, because they know they can find some answers here.

In recent months I have invested quite some time into improving the ways people can find my site and get free content.

I have created new channels and started again to upload videos to YouTube. The number of followers is slowly growing. I have improved the load speed of the Code-Maven site. I have created several LinkedIn pages so people can follow me via various topics. 

However, I have not invested much in two topics that are probably more important  and more urgent. 

One of them is to keep visitors on my site for longer time, to make them interact a bit more, to make them learn about the site a bit. The other one is to convert them into paying subscribers. 

Most people arrive to my site via some search engine looking for some specific solution. When they receive  the solution they have no more business here. So I need to have some eye-catching offer that does not seem to be very time consuming and that's on topic. So if people arrive to some page about Jenkins, then I can offer them something Jenkins related. 

On the Perl Maven site there is an orange and a blue banner calling for support. I can add similar banners to the Code Maven site as well, but instead of calling for support offer them to learn more about the subject. Link to a page, maybe the main page? Where I explain that on this site I cover various topics, with free articles, the slides, videos etc and call on them to follow the site. Register to the newsletter or follow the LinkedIn page. Why register? Because you'll get email updates and you will also be able to access the previews.

Start sending the newsletter.