Frequent Internet blackouts

I was a happy customer of Actcom - the first ISP in Israel, the only one that was privately hold even in 2006. The only ISP that actively supported Open Source.

Unfortunately Bezeq International has bought it in 2006 (if I remember correctly). First of that move forced me to change hosting as they could not host my rented machine any more. They offered me a ridiculous price for the new machine and they did not even apologize for forcing me to move to another server.

So I left them and started to use M5 Hosting as my hosting company. Actually that was all for the better. That seems to be way better than what Bezeq International offered.

That was not the only issue though. Ever since the move I have frequent disconnections from the Internet. It seems almost every morning I find my network disconnected.

Today it was just the same. After a while it comes back, sometimes I need to restart my router for that. Today it is partially down. I can reach via http where I play Go. I can also reach my own web site and now the web site Bezeq International - the ISP is also reachable but I cannot read Gmail yet nor can I ssh to my server.

The biggest problem is that all the other ISPs in Israel seem to show the same unprofessional behavior so I have no reason to switch to any other.

Published on 2008-06-04 by Gabor Szabo